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The webiste is maintained by the company Fotiadis AE. By accessing the website of Fotiadis AE, you accept these rules and privace notice, and you have to read them carefully. This website migth connect with other websites that are controled by third parties. The use and licenses of these third party websites are defined by the third party that actually controls them and not by Fotiadis AE.

For as long Fotiadis AE maintains this website, it updates its content. Fotiadis AE is not responisble though, for any information and content in this site that is not correct or containt errors or that are not available. It also maintains the right to withdraw, update, remove, delete or restrict the access to part of the website without any notice.

The content of this website are copyright material of Fotiadis AE and third parties. Taking into account the above the followint are restricted:

* selling, copying, reproducing, re-publishing, editing, adding to third party websites the content, without written concent.
* posting or/and installin in any way content that is illegal, harmful, threating, offensive, libelus, obsene, racist, offensive to people or their private data, or is illegal by any laws.
* posting or/and installing content that contains viruses or any other harmful digital code, files or software that are designes to intrude, destroy, restrict the use of any software or hardware

In case of infringed rights, everyone is entitled to their legal rights.

No lisence or conent is given by silent concent as far as copyrights are concerned, samples, photos and logos.

The private data collected are used strictly for the delivery of your orders. They are strictly protected by the laws concerning private data and are not give to third parties.

By sending to Fotiadis AE any data, Fotiadis AE is entitled to legal action if you have not made sure that the content or data are not clean from any known viruses or other malicious software that might edit, destroy, or harm the content of this websitem or the computers and networks of the company.

Please do not send data to Fotiadis AE that you consider private or confidential.

If the visitor wishes to become a client of Fotiadis AE, he/she agrees that the information that provides in the relevant forms is true accurate and correct

Fotiadis AE is not responsible for any damage or loss that is created by errors, mistakes or any random or natural disasters (earthquakes, etc) or even fraud and death.

By using this website, you agree to the policy of Fotiadis AE for the protection of private data and these current rules. If you do not agree, please dont use this website. We have the right to edit or remove or add parts to the rules and privacy use at any time. Please check this page often for any changes. The continuous use of the Fotiadis AE webpage means that you agree to any possible changes.

The above rules of use of are covered by the greek laws, EU laws and all concerned international treates. This is an agreement between Fotiadis AE and the user/customer and restricts only him/her. No changed version of these rules is concidered valid without being writen and added to this.